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Solopreneur Strategy Sessions


Solopreneur Strategy Sessions


The road of a solopreneur can be a lonely one. There are lots of decisions to make and just knowing where to start can be hard. You probably have well-meaning friends and family members who give you advice, but really they don't "get" what you do.

Things you might be struggling with include:

  • How do I manage and grow my social media? And do I need to be on it?
  • What the heck do I even do on social media?
  • What should be my next steps with my publicity?
  • How do I communicate my brand?
  • How do I manage my graphic design and website?
  • What are my priority tasks right now and what can put on the back burner?
  • What do I do about my newsletter?
  • How do I create meaningful connections with my clients?

You don't need well-intentioned advice by people who aren't in the trenches or haven't actually tried the things they are telling you to do. You need someone who has walked the path you have and has helped others successfully navigate the same obstacles.

I've been running my own businesses successfully for over five years and have helped hundreds of creative solopreneurs to develop meaningful business strategies tailored to their business. After working with me they have a custom plan and know exactly where to go next. 

Stop feeling like you are just going from one task to the next without knowing if it is what you SHOULD be doing. I hope you will say yes to your business and yes to creating a plan that will ground you.

Sign up today and here's what you can expect:

  • A comprehensive intake form so I know the important stuff about your business, but more importantly so you think through some things that you might not have thought of before.
  • 90 minute call with me where we go over all the things you are a struggling with.
  • Strategy packet that includes all the points we touched on in our call along with your tasks and goals in the short term and the long term.
  • Links to helpful items, resources packets and worksheets perfectly meant for you!

Don't waste another day of your business hoping you'll figure it out. Let's attack the problem together!

Note: I only make five of these available every month and since I've already begun them they've been VERY popular. When you sign up I will let you know when I can fit you in. If it is too long for you, then I am happy to refund you your money.

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